Last Week’s Menu

Hey all!

First, let’s talk about how my family eats so you’ll know what kind of menus to expect. You’ve heard of 80/20 families when it comes to clean eating, yes? Where they do it all just right except for cake on birthdays or an occasional treat? Yeah that’s not how the Branhams work. We tried that, and after a week or force-feeding ourselves food we didn’t enjoy found chocolate-covered consolation in a carton of Blue Bell.

I like to think of us as a 50/50 family. Meaning we try to eat clean but more often than not will screw it up. We’re not so good at rules. Ask my husband how many board games I’ve finished without cheating (answer: 0). So we are working on eating fewer preservatives, more foods that your body actually uses as fuel, and fewer franken-foods. The most important thing for you to know is that I didn’t start this blog because I know so many wonderful things and love cooking so much- it’s exact opposite. I know nothing and am a terrible cook, so I started this blog to get all of you to help me! And hopefully the others posting here will help you as well:)

When planning a menu, we first consider health. Second is a tie between cost and convenience. That being said, here’s what we ate last week with links to recipes:


Scrambled egg whites and whole wheat toast OR natural peanut butter toast

Green Smoothie: spinach, kale, POM juice (I like White Peach & Green Tea), assorted frozen fruit (usually strawberries, pineapple, peaches, cantaloupe, etc), 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 tbsp chia seed, 1 scoop Green Superfood powder 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and/or 4 oz plain Greek yogurt. Sometimes I throw in 1 tbsp quick cooking oats as well, usually only when I’m out of protein powder and/or yogurt.



Southwest Caesar Salad: southwest seasoned chicken, spinach, romaine, red pepper, corn, Anaheim pepper, and these fabulous crunchy jalapeño salad toppers from the produce section at HEB. For dressing, I combine Caesar dressing with a little spicy ranch.

Pizza!: organic whole wheat crust, made pizza sauce from Oh, Sweet Basil, Italian mix cheese, turkey pepperoni  (see what I mean by 50/50?! This was the best I could do to fight the pizza cravings!)


Steak with Mango Salsa: stole the entire recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny. Only thing I changed is that I got the pre-made mango salsa from HEB instead of doing all the chopping required for the peach salsa on the original recipe:)

Peppercorn Chicken and Hot Crash Potatoes: season chicken breasts with Sear-n-Crust Peppercorn and Garlic seasoning from HEB, top with Sweet Chili Lime sauce also from HEB. Hot Crash Potatoes I got from Pioneer Woman. Add frozen green beans, season with a little olive oil & Lawry’s seasoned salt- yum!



Fake Almond Joys: got this recipe from FitSugar. I like to add coconut oil to the melted chocolate, and I toast the coconut that goes on top. Tip: make in large batches, because your husband WILL steal them all!

So that’s that for last week! I’ll post this weeks as soon as I figure it out!

So how does you family eat? Let us know when you post a recipe if it’s clean eating, paleo, full fat and delicious, shamelessly easy- whatever!